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Is San Diego your favorite place on the planet?

We think so. We really feel thankful to reside, function, and play in San Diego. Schools, teams, clubs, and special events have looked to Merlin Embroidery since in 1992 for their team tee shirts, uniforms, polos, hats, jackets, and a variety of other products.

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Think of witnessing your team working together, interacting, and working together, becoming a more cohesive system merely because of some distinct branding visualized by you and created by Merlin Embroidery. Whether it’s custom embroidery or printed tee shirts, wearables, and non-wearables, we are excited to show the possibilities with your logo or concept.

Since 1992, Merlin Embroidery has been achieving this one delighted customer at a time. We will inquire about your vision and your task, then promptly and efficiently commence work to help you in transforming your dream into wearable, branded garments that are both elegant and comfortable.

Regardless of the event – be it conventions, team-building events, a major new agreement, fun runs, sports, or spirit walks – you can rely on our quality and service to make custom embroidery and tee shirt printing enjoyable and hassle-free!

Eager to uncover the price list of our bespoke T-shirts in San Diego, CA?​

To enhance the promotion of your brand, company, event, educational institution, or organization, we aim to assure that your team looks and feels their finest with their up-to-date clothing.

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Indulge in Luxury Embroidery at San Diego's Finest Shop.​

Merlin Embroidery Company is a San Diego-centered, Veteran-owned and operated, local, and established business that has been providing services for customers in the San Diego area and throughout the West Coast for more than 29 years. Situated in La Mesa, just blocks away from Freeway 8, La Mesa Costco, and Kaiser, we offer personalized computerized Embroidery and screen-printed products. If you have designs that requires customization, we’re able to help you with that too. Please view our video presentation available here, and discover our automated production center. For printing shirts in San Diego, we proudly are considered the top local print business for t-shirt printing needs in the San Diego area. Our primary is being the perfect option for local businesses in search of excellent printing solutions.

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The remarkable communication will undoubtedly win you over, beginning with the first interaction and continuing until the very end.

It’s our aim and goal to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your interaction working with Merlin Embroidery, and we hope that you will be inclined to share your positive experience to your family and individuals you care about and seek our help. At Merlin Embroidery, we boast a wide range of cutting-edge machines, including silk screen printers, DTG printing machines, automated embroidery devices, and more. These state-of-the-art machines assure your complete satisfaction.

Custom Embroidery San Diego Reviews

Wow! I am so fortunate to have found Merlin Embroidery. I needed a last minute project, and WOW....did they deliver!!! Fast turn around, friendly and professional and very knowledgeable in what they do.
Lauren Z.
Glad to say, of the few times I've been coming here for their embroidery work because of google maps Im glad this location came up, they really give a Spot on 5 star experience everytime. Kevin and Jeremy very easy going folks and hard working.
Damon S.
These guys are 100% AWESOME‼️ Thank you Jeremy and Kevin so much. I came in this morning unannounced and they had my embroidered bag ready to go a few hours later‼️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Brain D.
I have been working with Merlin Embroidery for many years now and if you want amazing work, fast turn around, and great prices work with them and you will never need another embroider.
Mario V.
First time using an embroidery service and had a great experience at Merlin embroidery. Did not need a lot done and they quickly did it on the spot. Awesome customer service definitely made you feel welcomed.
Gerardo R.
Kevin is really great. The service is super fast, very responsive and the finished product looks amazing. I highly recommend them!
Kristen F.
Our company supplies corporate apparel nationally and needed a local source to help with a special project. Kevin was available, knowledgeable, responsive and complete in his reply. I highly recommend the services of Merlin Embroidery.
Tom F.
Kevin, Jeremy & staff are incredible and super helpful. I had a last minute order and they took care of it no problem. And the hats came out great!
Ted D.
What a great place to get your stuff embroidered! The owner is just so communicative and friendly --- you'll never miss a beat when it comes to getting your embroidery customized. Plus, the after-hours locker is very convenient for those who are busy during the day. Great place!
Thomas T.

For San Diego's 24-hour bespoke t-shirt printing demands, our services are unmatched. Offering quick turnaround and exceptional craftsmanship, we are your trusted destination. Search no more for premium assistance in town.

We offer top-notch screen printing services for diverse items that go beyond your imagination. Our specialty lies in creating business shirts and shop shirts with durable designs that ensure longevity.

By utilizing state-of-the-art M&R screen printing presses featuring automation, you’ll be astounded by the flawless transformation of your brand or company logo onto top-quality t-shirts. Whether it’s the initial shirt or the ten-thousandth one, each shirt presents the same impeccable appearance. Expect reliable results, efficient communication, and on-time delivery, ensuring a remarkable customer experience.

With a fleet of more than 60 embroidery heads, we effortlessly handle between 500 and 1000 pieces of clothing on a daily basis.

When it comes to embroidery machines, our SWF brand stands out as the top-of-the-line option, akin to the esteemed Lexus. Trust us to enhance your brand’s presence, consistency, and crispness with our dependable and flawless machines.

Bid farewell to painfully long wait times for custom embroidery services.

You have two options for garments: you can either provide your own or select from our vast collection of 3600 unique wearable styles featured in our online clothing catalog.

Most purchases placed through our website usually arrive the next business day.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is our foremost priority, which is why we provide rush services to accommodate your urgent requirements.

For an additional fee, we provide same-day, next-day, and rush service (completed within 3 days) whenever you require expedited assistance. Please inform us if your project is time-sensitive so that we can prioritize it accordingly.

We also provide dropshipping services, enabling convenient communication via phone or email, especially if you are working remotely.

With our state-of-the-art M&R screen printing presses, you can experience the seamless conversion of your brand or company logo onto t-shirts.

Thanks to automation, each shirt, whether it’s the initial or the ten thousandth, will exhibit consistency.

Don’t hesitate to include any pre-existing logos or graphics to your email when sending us your design. Should you require it, we can provide assistance with the artwork.

"We aim to support you achieve a fantastic appearance and experience through your new tailored branded apparel."

With more than 29 years of experience, using new high-speed machinery and computerized graphics, the results are truly astonishing. We are well-versed in inquiring strategically and achieving the best results. Our state-of-the-art computerized high-speed machines ensure near-perfect quality with unparalleled efficiency. These new machines uphold high-quality standards while keeping costs at a minimum. Our passion for embroidery and t-shirt printing is unmatched, and we enthusiastically await the opportunity to showcase it to you.

We anticipate discussing with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Embroidery Style Website?

We have grown to love, with its bright colors, the intro video, and quick access to both embroidery samples, screen printing examples and a 3600 piece clothes catalog that has an amazing series of garment types. If you email your logo design to and simply say what size logo design you want and what kind of garment it’s going on, the embroidery logo design is ready for preview the next day. They have over 52,000 logos on file from 30 years of work to understand what they are doing and what looks good. Do not forget to put a call-back number on the e-mail so they can require questions. Typically, they will establish a hat logo design and a polo logo design for the rate of one logo design, a two-for-one deal.

Just how much Does It Cost For An Embroidery Logo?

The logo design setup charge for left chest or ball cap is generally $40. You can supply your own hats or polo shirts or jackets, or you can buy from merlin embroidery’s online clothes catalog. Embroidery for the left chest or hat logos are $12-15 each. We likewise specialize in full back embroidery for jackets and letterman jackets up to 15 inches tall and 15 inches large; those are more customized and are priced estimate per design. You can email your design to to figure out the exact prices and inform us your specific requirements. Email your logo design today; you might have a completed embroidery project done the very same week, depending upon what you need.

Just how much Does An Embroidery Machine Cost?

We use the latest high-speed computerized embroidery devices from SWF. They are the Lexus of embroidery devices, exact, high speed, and really reliable. They cost about the same as a vehicle as well, $42,000– $120,000 each. We own 10 of them, and we see the machine repairman as soon as per year for a tune-up.

What Is The Best Custom T-Shirt Design Website?

We have grown to enjoy, with its bright colors, the intro video, and quick access to both embroidery samples, screen printing examples and a 3600 piece clothes catalog that has an amazing series of garment types.

Just how much Does It Cost For A Tshirt Print?

An average rate for a 1 color print with a 1 color back print is $8.95 each on a 100% cotton tee shirt with a minimum order of 48 shirts. We can provide your order as much as we can. We are one of the quick t shirt printing business in San Diego

Just how much Does It Cost To Make A Custom Shirt?

There are preliminary setup charges with tee shirt printing, normally $40 per color. The expenses that go into customized shirt printing consist of the preliminary setup charges, the cost of the shirt and the cost to print each shirt. I simply got off the phone with a customer who wants to buy 48 t shirts, he has a little left chest print and a full back print. He desires white print on navy blue t shirts with no pocket. the setup charge is $40. the t shirt cost is $4.95 each. the print cost is $5.00 to print front and back of the shirts. so the cost is $9.95/ shirt with a $40 preliminary setup charge for the whole order.

Just how much Does A T-Shirt Printing Machine Cost?

We use direct silkscreen devices; the print is more resilient than a digital garment print machine. Direct silkscreen devices are the most common kind of printing machine. Some are manual devices; others are automated and have more constant prints. We enjoy the automation and consistency of print. Our Machines can print 6-12 color designs (we have one that can print 16 colors); the Brand is M&R and is the very best printer in the industry. We enjoy this machine since we print nearly 100,000 shirts/year on each machine and constant quality and toughness are essential. This machine expenses from $65,000– $120,000 and normally lasts like a vehicle, about ten years. After ten years, we generally trade the devices in for a more recent, much faster design. According to our studies, the majority of start-up services buy a digital tee shirt printing machine on a spending plan of in between $10,000 and $30,000. That range is especially appealing for funding business since it can bring payments in between about $250 and $600/ month, depending. The only problem is that the digital garments printers produce a less crisp and resilient print.

What Makes A Good Custom T-Shirt Design?

Great customized tee shirt design is based on 3 things– how big the design is, what sort of colors are used, and likewise the printing technique used. Screen printing allows for the highest level of color definition.

What Are People Saying About Screen Printing/T-Shirt Printing Services In Merlin Embroidery San Diego, Ca?

Put simply, great costs and experts. They did the customized printing for my group jerseys and our shooting shirts. The turn around time was incredibly quickly. I will take all of my customized printing to these people.

What Is The Minimum Order For Merlin Embroidery, San Diego?

At merlin embroidery, we focus on dealing with small businesses who have at least 10 workers. Usually, a common business requires 5 customized tee shirts per staff member. We set 48 products as our minimum order quantity in [ location] and in surrounding locations.

The Length Of Time Will It Take For Me To Get My Order?

In some cases we add in small details when taking our design samples, so it might take a little bit longer than you expected when you order from us to get your first validated materials. But do not stress when we arrive at your demand, we’ll have whatever prepared by the time they need to be in your ownership!

How Do I Get A Catalog?

Easy, online catalog is at click clothes catalog,
there are over 3600 styles to pick from.